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Traveler’s Notebook Paper Refill 80gsm 3 Pack White Dotted Inserts for Refillable Leather Journals - 8.25" x 4.3"

  • CONTENTS 3 packs each of 60 pages (counting both sides) of white dot paper. Each pack of white dots paper refill pack comes with a brown card cover sized 8.25" x 4.3"

  • IDEAL for journalling, letters, planning, reminders, travel notes, creative writing, diary entries, technical drawing, sketching, doodling, to-do or shopping lists; for creating puzzles, diagrams, plans, maps, art, or goals

  • TOP QUALITY paper insert accessory; finest smooth ink bleed proof paper. Good for fountain pens

  • VERSATILE REFILL accessories for Sovereign-Gear's Travelers Notebook, Midori Travelers Notebook and other refillable Traveler's Notebooks and leather journals

  • PERFECT GIFT a thoughtful present for a journaler, writer, author, poet or student who loves to write in a leather journal, travel diary or traveler's notebook

Traveler's Journal Refill Paper Packs

How to Add More Paper Refill Booklets

A wide selection of paper inserts are available and can be added to any of our refillable traveler's notebooks or similar sized leather journals, and so easily! Here's how:

  1. Open the two booklets together so that the back cover of one and the front cover of the other touch

  2. Stretch a band around the two halves of the booklets that are touching

  3. Close the two booklets, which are now joined by the band

  4. With one book already fitted, hold it closed and slip the joined books behind it and the band that holds it

  5. Pull the joined books further through until the spine of the first book sits between those of the joined two

  6. This shows how the bands hold the three books in place

Cover material: Brown Card

Paper style: White Dotted

Refill booklet dimensions: 8.25 inch x 4.3 inch (21.0 cm x 11.0 cm)

Suitable for: Refillable Traveler's Journals by brands including Sovereign-Gear, Midori, Newestor and others

Pages in each booklet: 60 pages (counting both sides)

Paper pads included: 3 pads in the pack - all the same design

Paper weight: 80 gsm

These are just a few of the many reviews from our customers. All genuine unsolicited reviews.

Jacob H on September 26, 2018

Great product and Great Price

I have bought several different brands of refills for my wife's travel journal and this is by far the best quality and price! I highly recommend it!

Zak Randallon on August 1, 2018

Five Stars

Love these refills!

Alan D. Walkeron on July 31, 2018


This was better than the original

Amazon Customer on July 13, 2018

The paper is nicer than usual for craft paper…

Really nice paper quality. Nice enough to use for writing, not just art.

K. Fraser on July 11, 2018

Great textured and value for a refill

These are great and simple notebooks to refill a traveler's journal. The weight of the paper is just right–some of the other refills I've tried are too heavy and smooth. This has a great texture and doesn't show much bleed through (I like heavy ink, so expect some). After years of Moleskins, I'm so happy to find something more reasonably priced and fun!

Grailwing on May 15, 2018

Five Stars

Good product. I like the warm tone paper and the grid isnt distracting to the eyes.

Amazon Customer on 43211

Excellent quality

Great notebooks. Good quality paper. I use a fountain pen - I haven’t experienced bleed-through.

iammelissagilbert on 43221

These are fantastic quality.

These are fantastic quality. I accidentally bought the wrong size (slightly too big) but im still keeping them they are such good value.