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Zipper Pocket Refill Pack for Travelers Notebook 8.25"x4.3" – Zipper Pouch PVC Clear Insert for Standard Refillable Leather Journals

  • PRACTICAL & EXCELLENT VALUE: make your leather notebook or diary more multi-functional with this useful zipper pocket bag refill for adding extra storage for your refillable journal

  • SAFE VERSATILE STORAGE: one side has a zip lock pouch handy for securely storing notes, coins, keys or headphones. On the other side there are 3 useful card holders for credit and business cards, receipts and tickets as well as a long slot for storing maps, postcards or drawings

  • HANDY REFILL: designed to fit Sovereign-Gear's and all similar Midori style standard sized Refillable Traveler's Notebook

  • COMPLIMENTS OUR OTHER ACCESSORIES: check our other refills listings like quality paper packs, card holders, pens and pen holders for more great options

  • SIZE: contains 1 zipper pouch pack. Each pack is made of clear strong quality PVC sized 8.25"x4.3". Note: Journal not included

Traveler's Notebook Refill Pack

How to Add More Refills

You can easily add, customize and move any of the inserts in your refillable traveler's notebook as you wish.

Here's how to add your PVC zipper pocket to your leather journal:

  1. Open the two booklets together so that the back cover of one and the front cover of the other touch

  2. Stretch a band around the two halves of the booklets that are touching

  3. Close the two booklets, which are now joined by the band

  4. With one book already fitted, hold it closed and slip the joined books behind it and the band that holds it

  5. Pull the joined books further through until the spine of the first book sits between those of the joined two

  6. This shows how the bands hold the three books in place

Bag material: Quality clear PVC

Features: 1 full zip closure bag, 3 credit card sized pockets, 1 long pocket

Bag dimensions: 8.25 inch x 4.3 inch (21.0 cm x 11.3 cm) when opened flat

Suitable for: Refillable Traveler's Journals by brands including Sovereign-Gear, Midori, Newestor and others

These are just a few of the many reviews from our customers. All genuine unsolicited reviews.

MsMerricat on February 2, 2018

Well made and a great price

This is a great little pouch. The plastic is very sturdy and has a nice feel to it..not a sticky plastic feel at all. I am using mine in a Travelers Journal I am making that is 8.75 x 4.5. I believe it would also fit an A5 planner too. I will definitely purchase again. Also a great price!

Lisa R Brown on January 9, 2017

Just what i needed

I just started useing a travelers notebook because the rings on all the others bugged me so i orderd this to keep a bit of cask and odds and ends in its great the zip pocket is sturdy and closes securely ans the part that holds cards is roomy enough i can get 2 or 3 rewards type cards and even more business cards it came quickly is a great value.

corindy2 on February 22, 2017

Great product!

This zipper pocket was exactly what I was looking for. It's very sturdy but not stiff, and holds my pencils and can hold a surprising number of pencils and pens. It doesn't stink like a lot of vinyl products do, which is a huge plus for me. The card slots are generously sized, and tight enough to keep things in place, but without it being a struggle to remove cards either.

Megan Hartzell on June 19, 2018

Great for travelers notebook wallet

I have this in my daily use travelers notebook and it’s holding up great! Been using for 3+ months and it’s in perfect condition, the card pockets are roomy, multiple cards can fit 

Gina on January 9, 2017

Great Quality at a Great Price

The quality is very good and it doesn't have that nasty plastic smell that many plastic products carry. The zipper seal is strong. I haven't put any cards in it yet, so I don't know how good the card holder is.

Amazon Customer on August 20, 2018

Zipper pocket refills are exactly as advertised.

Perfect, even better than I expected. And thanks for the great service! I'll be back.

victoria on Oct 26, 2017

Brings nice things to my TN

I like it way more that I expected to. Not only I can use it so my TN now has pockets, but also it makes the inserts feel more like they’re part of one big book.