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Brown Card Holder Refill Pack For Travelers Notebook 8.25"x4.3" Craft Card Holder Insert For Standard Refillable Leather Journals

  • PRACTICAL AND EXCELLENT VALUE: make your standard sized leather notebook or diary more multi-functional with this useful card holder notebook accessory for adding extra storage in refillable journals

  • VERSATILE SAFE STORAGE: contains 1 pack of a brown card holder which provides storage on both sides of the journal. On each side there is a large slot pocket for larger items such as postcards, photos, maps or travel tickets and a smaller slot for business cards, credit cards, notes or receipts

  • HANDY REFILL: designed to fit Sovereign-Gear's and all similar Midori style standard sized Refillable Traveler's Notebooks

  • COMPLIMENTS OUR OTHER ACCESSORIES: check our other refills like quality paper packs, zipper pockets and pens for more great options

  • SIZE: each pack is made of brown smooth strong quality card sized 8.25"x4.3". Note: Journal not included

Traveler's Notebook Refill Pack

How to Add More Refills

You can easily add, customize and move any of the inserts in your refillable traveler's notebook as you wish.

Here's how to add your brown card holder to your leather journal:

  1. Open the two booklets together so that the back cover of one and the front cover of the other touch

  2. Stretch a band around the two halves of the booklets that are touching

  3. Close the two booklets, which are now joined by the band

  4. With one book already fitted, hold it closed and slip the joined books behind it and the band that holds it

  5. Pull the joined books further through until the spine of the first book sits between those of the joined two

  6. This shows how the bands hold the three books in place

Holder material: Thick Brown Card

Features: 2 full ticket insert holders, 2 credit card slots

Holder dimensions: 8.25 inch x 4.3 inch (21.0 cm x 11.3 cm) when opened flat

Suitable for: Refillable standard sized Traveler's Notebooks by brands including Sovereign-Gear, Midori, Newestor and others

These are just a few of the many reviews from our customers. All genuine unsolicited reviews.

Bill Patrianakos on March 21, 2018

Really good for an off-brand

I usually only use the official Midori inserts and didn't realize this was an off-brand. That said I still really like this folder and it works well and fits fine inside my regular sized Traveler's Notebook. Using the rubber bands to attach this to another notebook may be a little tougher than with traditional inserts made by Midori (it's little details like that that show you the difference between Midori quality and cheaper off-brands) but it does the job and I like it. It'll be staying in my notebook until it falls apart I think (the folder, not the leather) but I don't see that happening any time soon.

Samantha Stapleton on February 24, 2018

Five Stars

Exactly like the picture!!

Nina Barry on January 24, 2018

Sturdy and Durable

These folders fit beautifully in my traveler's notebook, and are very sturdy - I know I will be using them for a long time. Others can be flimsy, but these are real work horses. 

John Lake on August 16, 2017

Five Stars

Great product and excellent customer service

Wendy L. Thompson on June 2, 2017

Five Stars

Awesome product and service!

Amazon Customer on September 29, 2018

Great item

Good quality but expensive for what it is